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ISBN 978-1-61448-010-5 Paperback

ISBN 978-1-61448-011-2 eBook

Library of Congress Control Number: 201192722


PEORIA, ARIZONA (December 28, 2012)… Here’s a book launch you definitely haven’t heard of before. For the first time ever, a self-help workbook on emotional healing for addicts launches in tandem with an online journaling website for addicts. Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction by Elisabeth Davies, MC is an interactive paperback workbook. The workbook guides the reader through practical exercises and addiction inventories, so the reader can monitor their own progress and work at their own pace. It was recently published by New York based Morgan James Publishing and is now available for sale on, Barnes and Noble, Good Things Emotional, and a number of specialty bookstores in Arizona. This workbook shares practical skills that manage unwanted habits and compulsive behaviors. In it, the reader works through 15 effective strategies, journal questions which invoke problem solving thinking, and addiction inventories-resulting in management of addictive symptoms. Although there are many self-help publications on addiction, Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction is the first of its kind to offer an online journaling component with the workbook. Journaling is proven to engage the brain and develop creative, personal and emotional potential. It deepens one’s ability to self-reflect and gain perspective on behavior choices. This book uniquely feeds into a larger network that hasn’t existed before-ever. The results have been amazing.

Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal; Addiction “has had a positive impact in my life. It has helped me get a better perspective. Knowing that urges only last thirty seconds to two and a half minutes has been very helpful. The exercises in chapter17 have helped to eliminate my anxiety.” says one reader.

Elisabeth Davies is an author and counselor at Good Things Emotional Healing; LLC, located at 9401 W. Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ. 85381. She can be contacted at (602) 867-6988 or by email at To view sample pages of Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal; Addiction go to This is the first publication in a series of self-help interactive workbooks that will be released over the next several years. For every workbook sold on, one is donated to a 12 step group in Arizona.



Book Title: Good Things Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction

Author: Elisabeth Davies

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Pub date: September 2011

Number of Pages: 125

Illustrations: 17

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