Elisabeth Davies, MC has facilitated over 150 Emotional Healing Journaling workshops!

Sharing strategies that manage unhealthy habits & addictions, anxiety, depression,

 emotional trauma, relationship deficits and low self-esteem.

Here is what people are saying about Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops

" I have been to 12 Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops.
The Sobriety Affirmations, Delay Tactics and  Meditations have helped with my recovery.
This workshop gives me real skills for life!"  - CW
"I have been to many different therapy groups,
but Elisabeth's Emotional Healing Workshop helped me understand the underlying reasons why
I was making the same unhealthy choices. It helped me so much!" TC 
Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops include:
*A 'Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal-Addiction' workbook
*Practical skills and treatments to live an emotionally healthy life
*A journaling worksheet that helps you gain insight and invokes problem-solving thinking
*A 'Good Things Emotional Healing Card' which reinforces healthy thoughts and beliefs
*Each workshop lasts aproximately 90 minutes
*The cost is $20 per person attending the workshop 
*** If you would like to have a 'Good Things Emotional Healing Jurnaling Workshop'
offered at your facility or treatment center, please contact
Elisabeth Davies, MC (602) 867-6988 or
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